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  The world-wide pandemic that we are facing today has brought tight restrictions not only on cherished connections among people, but also on cultural activities, especially on live musical performances where people can share a space of resonation. Such an unprecedented situation is devastating for us living in these times, while in pursuit of lasting development of spirit of musical creation having long been passed down. Historically, musical activities have always been at the mercy of war, social unrest and so on. During such times, some movement overcame the situation, and gave birth to important works with solid expression, which brought new perspective and left giant footprint on the era. For instance, many composers lived their fulfilling days between the two World Wars of the 20th century, including Arnold Schönberg and Igor Stravinsky, whose 70th anniversary of death and 50th anniversary of death, respectively, are celebrated in 2021, with their creation s proven to be incredibly influential to performers and audiences.

We, Orchestral Project, will widely appeal to the audiences for the birth of brand-new works just in the present difficult situation. The appeal through our brand-new orchestral works can create a field where composers, performers and audiences can be widely “symbiotic”, and is none other than an indispensable activity for tireless evolution of music performed by large orchestras. Orchestras have been inherited and developed until today, not only by performers’ efforts, but also by collaboration with composers who have been nurturing the repertoire to be performed, exemplified by Ludwig van Beethoven whose 150th anniversary of death was celebrated in 2020. Then under the key phrase of “Revival of Eternal Harmony --- Seeking for a Moment of New Symbiotism”, we will launch orchestral works by four composers, each with very different characters, to find a clue as to how to break free of stagnation of musical activities, and to consider what kind of behavior can create a splendid acoustic space that people can share.

Revival of Eternal Harmony --- Seeking for a Moment of New Symbiotism

[Performance date] December 1, 2021 (Wednesday) Open 18:00 Pre-talk from 18:15 Start 19:00
[Venue] Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall    5 minutes walk from the east exit of "Hatsudai Station" on the Keio New Line  



小坂咲子:  桐琴緒(きりことのお)~オーケストラのための~(初演)

  Sakiko KOSAKA:  Kiri-Koto-no-o for Orchestra

小山和彦:  ピアノ協奏曲第4番(初演)

  Kazuhiko KOYAMA:   Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 4 for Orchestra

平井正志:  天馬夜空の海を翔る ―ピアノとオーケストラの為の序奏とスケルツォ―(初演)

  Masashi HIRAI :  Pegasus flying around the sea of Starry sky
                               Introduction and Scherzo for piano and orchestra:  

国枝春恵:  唱え 〜チェロとオーケストラのための(初演)

  Harue KUNIEDA:  Chanting for Cello and Orchestra


 Conductor: Keiko MITSUHASHI  
  Piano: Yoshito Kitabata (Koyama's work)
  Piano: Kaze Minagawa (Hirai's work)
  Cello: Kei Yamazawa (Kunieda's work)
  Orchestra: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra